Saturday, 2 July 2011


Just a few illustrations i have drawn when bored and also a few from the easter cards i made for the residents in Leighton house retirement home.

Just Married boots

On my wedding day i wanted something quirky and after trawling through the internet i came up with the idea to make myself a pair of Just Married Ugg style boots, unfortunately i didn't get chance to make them myself so my lovely bridesmaid stacey did them for me, i have received so many enquiries about where i purchased these from and people saying they loved the quirkiness of it so i have decided to start making and selling them myself as you can not buy them in shops anywhere, so if you are interested in a pair just email me and i will be glad to help you out.

We finally did it

Well it has taken us 19 years and 2 days to finally tie the knot and it was definitely worth the wait i had the most perfect day and couldn't have been any happier, we only had one set back which was a huge disaster with the cake falling apart and turning into mush but its just another part of the story we will be able to tell people about our super windy perfect wedding day.

I made all the center pieces and table numbers plus everything else needed for the day i will upload some more images of individual pieces i made soon

Wedding invitations

I designed these with my vintage gold and ivory theme in mind, i also wanted the invitations to have an association with my dress and also the table centre pieces i had in mind, Im really pleased how they turned out, there really simple but beautiful.

Alice makeup

I decided to go all out creative on my eye make up which is inspired by he checkered tiles alice lands on in the bottom of the hole and also the roses from the queen of hearts court yard

mad hatters tea party

I had a Mad hatters tea party during the day so i made place cards which i attached to the mismatched cups and saucers, We made some amazing cakes and had a fantastic day 

Invitations for my hen do

I had an Alice in wonderland theme to my Hen party which took place earlier in the year, I decided to make the invitations myself by drawing alice in wonderland character illustrations on each card