Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Some exciting work

I have been asked by the Ideas foundation to be assistant tutor on a creative project within a high school in manchester, I am extremely excited yet a little scared about what may happen but it is certainly a confidence booster knowing people believe i am capable of such a job.

Punc Art School

Here are some of the leaflets used to promote the art school, although i like the colours and layout i think it is missing something to make it appeal to children it looks a little to structured and and basic, i did make these designs within 20 mins though as it was a rush job to get them out they will be improved as i add more schools to the lists and purchase a larger amount.

Monday, 20 February 2012

PUNC art school

I have had my first sessions at St Dunstans and Demesne community Centre and they went really well, there is a lot more on the cards for my new Art school check out the PUNC blog to see our goings on!



I have been wanting for so long to do tattooing and after purchasing a kit i have finally had a go on not only melons and pig skin but myself wooo, my first attempt was extremely bad because i didn't have the amp cranked up high enough to do it properly but the second time worked out ok, Hurt like hell but its not bad for a freehand first attempt, I have a few volunteers mad enough to let me use for pin cushions that i can't wait to get going properly.


I was bored last night so took out my pencil and decided to sketch myself,

Tshirt Design

I was asked to do a few T-shirt designs for a new Dance organisation which has unfortunately disappeared
and now i am left with a design i really like but don't know what to do with! The idea behind the design was Listen to your Heart.