Friday, 13 April 2012


After a recent trip to Blackpool i decided to look for a photoshop tutorial to make use of the photographs i had taken here are the results i kinda like them.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Below is a link to the MCMA website which features a story and images from our first day working on the I am creative brief to redesign the 'sun woman's' page. You should also check out the link for the art the girls at the school are working on, the exhibition video shows some amazing work by some extremely talented young girls.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Will Hunt

While working with the girls yesterday on our brief which is redesigning the SUN WOMAN pages within the newspaper as set by the sun, We had the privilege to meet Will Hunt Account manager from the advertising agency WCRS, He manages the account for the Sun and has also been involved with the campaigns Compare the meerkat, Muller yoghurts the cow who wanted to be a horse and the Sky Christmas adverts, He gave a really insightful talk about the industry and was a really nice guy.

Heres a link to his website you should take a look.

First day as Assistant tutor

I was so nervous about the first session at MCMA (the girls school in Manchester) I have heard all sorts of horror stories regarding this school so needless to say i had my reservations about how the day would go, But i had a brilliant time working with the girls and 4 boys came over to from the boys school who are interested in design, The girls were a real credit to the school i couldn't have asked for a better day and really can't wait for my next one :)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Some exciting work

I have been asked by the Ideas foundation to be assistant tutor on a creative project within a high school in manchester, I am extremely excited yet a little scared about what may happen but it is certainly a confidence booster knowing people believe i am capable of such a job.

Punc Art School

Here are some of the leaflets used to promote the art school, although i like the colours and layout i think it is missing something to make it appeal to children it looks a little to structured and and basic, i did make these designs within 20 mins though as it was a rush job to get them out they will be improved as i add more schools to the lists and purchase a larger amount.

Monday, 20 February 2012

PUNC art school

I have had my first sessions at St Dunstans and Demesne community Centre and they went really well, there is a lot more on the cards for my new Art school check out the PUNC blog to see our goings on!


I have been wanting for so long to do tattooing and after purchasing a kit i have finally had a go on not only melons and pig skin but myself wooo, my first attempt was extremely bad because i didn't have the amp cranked up high enough to do it properly but the second time worked out ok, Hurt like hell but its not bad for a freehand first attempt, I have a few volunteers mad enough to let me use for pin cushions that i can't wait to get going properly.


I was bored last night so took out my pencil and decided to sketch myself,

Tshirt Design

I was asked to do a few T-shirt designs for a new Dance organisation which has unfortunately disappeared
and now i am left with a design i really like but don't know what to do with! The idea behind the design was Listen to your Heart.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Its been a while

I have really neglected my blogging lately which i am not to happy about, My mac has recently passed away :( but something good can come from something sad in my case a shiny new Macbook pro! i can now begin blogging again and keeping up to date with whats happening in my life at the moment, I am recently in the process of setting up my own art school within Manchester doing arts and crafts with children living in deprived areas, i am in talks with various venues and a possible link to a local charity based community centre its all exciting stuff so fingers crossed this will be a success :)