Thursday, 6 January 2011

Greater Manchester Police

One of the biggest achievements so far while i have been in design was to be chosen from many entrants along with Helen Butterworth & Isobel Stockhill to design the new Student Safety Campaign in manchester which would be featured in magazines, papers, universities across Manchester and along Oxford road as banners. Our concept was to create a visually informative poster which put across how important it was to be safe while attending universities but in a way which didn't come across as patronizing and dull, We came up with four slogans which we felt would draw students in without them at first relating it to the police, this information would make itself apparent after you had already taken in the information we had to get across, our slogans were different quotes which we related to either the criminals point of view or the victims. It has been highly successful and has received a lot of publicity good and some a little negative but all publicity is good publicity were a new campaign is concerned! Our posters have also featured on coronation street in the police cells!

We also received a letter of thank-you from the chief of police which was presented to us by the mayor of Manchester.

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