Thursday, 6 January 2011


Our brief was to create visuals which related to silence in order to create a folded piece as the final element, After researching different ways in which Silence could be represented (there was certainly plenty to choose from)i chose to base my experiments on the silence which surrounds death, morbid i know but certain elements surround death can be quite comforting and peaceful, I generated lots of visuals from this but the more i delved into this subject i felt i wanted to produce something which represented a comfort within the subject which surrounded my self and my family, I looked at old photographs which contained images of relatives which i loved dearly and are unfortunately no longer with us, i represented this by scanning in photographs keeping the majority of them colour and turning the deceased family member B&W keeping them in the picture as we do in our memories they may fade but they never leave us so taking the image away completely didn't seem appropriate, Not wanting to create a book which i thought would have been the safest option as a folded piece i wanted to create something more unusual, something which created the sense that these photographs are always a comfort and it helps you be at peace reliving the memories associated with each one, it was a while before i had the idea to create a patchwork quilt which folded away to be stored as a patchwork quilt would be,to keep stored to pass down through generations keeping memories alive,To be something which is comforting,To represent how fragile life can be i printed each photograph on paper napkins which i then stitched together using white cotton to represent the idea of a silent blood line which holds the family unit together, I love this piece and it was nice to be able to work in a different way.

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