Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ian Anderson

One of the highlights for me during my time at university was to have the opportunity to attend workshops with Ian Anderson (tDR), To obtain a place on these workshops we had to answer a brief from Ian which was to send him something he would want to keep forever, I came up with the idea to send him money as nobody wants to throw that away but i had to come up with an idea to create something which didn't look like a bribe, and also something which made him want to keep it and not just spend it, i opted in the end to create an origami lucky star using a five pound note hoping this would work as i intended, It did and i secured a place in his workshop, I don't know if he has kept the star or unfolded it to buy a coffee :D but it was the best fiver i have spent so far, and at the end of the workshops we all received a signed copy of his book 3D>2D which i treasure.

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